Web Design

Web Design

The Best Web Design Since Tobey Maguire

Through a tidy, professional design, Toroportal can help you build your brand and appeal to customers. Toroportal is able to handle all of your digital marketing needs as an expert in design and development.

Why Does Web Design Matter?

A website that works well isn’t enough. In the case of well-designed websites, customers often abandon them because they lack an attractive appearance or are not professionally designed. Websites should look bespoke and on brand, not as if they were made using a template. If you want to attract new customers, first impressions matter.

Your website should also be easy to use, which means it should have a design that is clean and simple, so even the most novice user can navigate around your site. Colors, shapes, and consistency in appearance are essential. Each visitor will remember your website if it is consistent in appearance.

If you’re seeking experience, Toroportal can provide much more than that. Having designed websites for over ten years, we know how to make things look good. We are able to create bespoke designs that engage and interact with visitors to your website thanks to our attention to detail. Website design in Bedford, Bedfordshire and throughout the country is what we do best.

Aesthetics are key. Colour theory is something we know, so we know what works well together and what doesn’t. We also know how to make your brand flow into the web design so that it really feels like your website is connected to your business. Your website will breathe your brand and as such, customers will place more trust in your products and services.

If you need a website to represent your business or if your current website isn’t working for you, we can help!

All of our websites are tailored to your specific needs and all projects are completed to the highest standard regardless of the complexity using Adobe Creative Cloud Apps and WordPress.

We encourage our clients to monitor the daily progress of their website build and let us know what they like or don’t like. We operate an open door policy and pride ourselves on ensuring you are 100% happy with your website before it’s published.


Search Engine Optimisation

If you are looking to give your website a boost but not sure where to start, or whether a long-term investment is right for you, then our introductory package is the perfect solution. Our SEO consultant will carry out the work over a period of 30 days and after that time, you are free to either continue the work yourself or move onto one of our regular SEO Packages if you would like further assistance from us.

As this package comes under our SEO rates, there is no commitment from you to continue managing your with us, although we would obviously love the opportunity to work with you long-term to help you make your business grow.

Social Media

Our SEO service focuses on the highest of quality in both the work we do and the personal service we provide. Our expertise in all areas of search marketing makes us the ideal choice and our outstanding track record gives us the knowledge and experience in knowing how to develop and implement a strategy that generates the highest return on investment.

Our social media automation, scheduling and analysis enables us to identify and adjust for trends helping you reach your target audience quicker.

Graphic Design

A picture paints a thousand words and no website would be functional without pictures and graphics.

While we are not a graphic design company by trade, we are able to provide some image services to make adjustments and clean existing images you need help with.  What we can’t do, we will pass onto our partners for quotations on your behalf.

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