Computer Repairs

Don’t Panic!

Has your laptop screen been smashed?

Is your PC not starting?

Troubleshooting tech problems can be a nightmare! It’s time to call a computer specialist right away…

There’s no need to panic, you’ve found us!  Your technical misery is already one step closer to an end. It is Toroportal’s specialty to fix the unfixable, restore the ruined, and sort the stuff that you need. It’s happened to all of us. We are located at Wrest Park in Silsoe. Please drop your stuff off or call to arrange a collection – it’s FREE!*

*If you’re in a 5-mile radius of Barton, Bedford or Luton, or a 2-mile radius of St Albans.

Disaster & Data Recovery

The majority of family photographs and business documents are now stored digitally, which makes data security crucial.

We will do our best and work our magic to recover your data if you find yourself in a crisis and believe your data has been lost.

Laptop Screen Repair

Our most popular repair is repairing broken screens since they are so easy to break.  After a brief phone conversation to find out more about your model, we will get back to you within half an hour with an accurate quote. We are happy to pick up and return laptops within Bedfordshire.

Malware (virus) Removal

Viruses and malware can slow down your computer or make it behave in unpredictable ways. Your personal data and identity could be at risk. You can trust us to remove all unwanted infections, restore your computer’s functionality, and prevent further infections.

Component Upgrades

Bringing your system up to date may include upgrading your processor, increasing your system’s memory (RAM), installing a solid state drive (best upgrade for speed increases immediately), or switching to the latest operating system.
Save money by getting the speed you want without buying a new computer.

Wireless Setup and Coverage Solutions

Connect your computers to your WiFi network to share files, great if more than one person is working on a file.  Please give us a call if the WiFi in your home or office does not cover all areas. Our partners at YR Installations can give you the fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi network your home will ever need.

Other Electronics Repairs

With our background in Aviation Electronics we are able to provide repairs for most consumer electronics.  Most of the time this is TVs, however other examples of previous electronics repairs carried out are: hair straighteners, vehicle power inverters, hot tub control boards and many other obscure items.

Get In Touch For Immediate Help

Get In Touch For Immediate Help