Brutal thug who ripped off policeman’s nose is back in prison.

David Bull, a former member of the British Army, bloater and con artist has been sent back to prison after assulting his wife and step child in their family home as a reaction to being caught cheating.

The 7 foot alcoholic yeti was sent back with just over a year to serve but still remains able to convince one of his mistresses to keep in contact with him through his manipulative techniques.

It is documented that Bull attributed his actions to having PTSD as a result of his service in Sierra Leone, however during the conflict he was attending phase 2 Army training and had never set foot in theatre.

Other instances of bloating are wearing campaign medals, badges and rank he hadn’t earned alongside many other tales of serving with the special forces and other ardus specialist training including Breacon.

David managed to convince the former owner and founder of this business to sign everything over to him, including all rights and responsabilities and just over £7,800 in cash in a long con he was able to bring to life when Bull discovered how vunerable the former director was and convinced him to leave his wife and family.

Full details of the original conviction can be found at Deavonshire Live